The GridOptionsBuilder class may be used to help defining gridOptions dictionary. Eventhough grid’s configuration can be done by passing a dictionary, it is recommended to use the GridOptionsBuilder.

class GridOptionsBuilder[source]

Auxiliary class that builds gridOptions dictionary.

Use this class to help AgGrid configuration. Any configuration supported by the gridOptions dictionary can be configured using this class. check for more information.

static from_dataframe(dataframe: pandas.core.frame.DataFrame, **default_column_parameters)[source]

Initializes a GridOptionsBuilder from a pandas dataframe.

This method creates a column definition for each column in the dataframe and tries to ifer correct columnTypes from dataframe’s dtypes.

  • dataframe – Dataframe to be used to create the GridOptionsBuilder.

  • **default_column_parameters – Key-pair values that will be merged to defaultColDef dict.


A GridOptionsBuilder instance.


#builds a gridOptions dictionary using a GridOptionsBuilder instance.
builder = GridOptionsBuilder.from_dataframe(df)
builder.configure_column("first_column", header_name="First", editable=True)
go =

#uses the gridOptions dictionary to configure AgGrid behavior.
AgGrid(df, gridOptions=go)
configure_default_column(min_column_width: int = 5, resizable: bool = True, filterable: bool = True, sorteable: bool = True, editable: bool = False, groupable: bool = False, **other_default_column_properties: dict)[source]

Sets default columns definitions.

More info here

  • min_column_width – minimum column width. Defaults to 5.

  • resizable – sets columns as resizable. Defaults to True.

  • filterable – sets columns as filterable. Defaults to True.

  • sorteable – sets columns as sorteable. Defaults to True.

  • editable – sets columns as editable. Defaults to False.

  • groupable – sets columns as groupable. Defaults to False.

  • **other_default_column_properties – Aditional keyword arguments values will be added as default columns definition.



configure_auto_height(autoHeight: bool = True)[source]

Configures auto height behavior.


autoHeight (bool, optional) – enable or disable auto height. Defaults to True.



configure_columns(column_names: List[str] = [], **props)[source]

Batch configures columns.

Key-pair values from props dict will be merged to colDefs which field property is present in column_names list.


column_names – Columns field properties. If any of colDefs mathces **props dict is merged. Defaults to [].



configure_column(field: str, header_name: Optional[str] = None, **other_column_properties)[source]

Configures an individual column check for more information.

  • field (str) – Field name, usually equals the column header.

  • header_name (str, optional) – [description]. Defaults to None.



configure_side_bar(filters_panel: bool = True, columns_panel: bool = True, defaultToolPanel: str = '')[source]

Configures the side bar.

  • filters_panel (bool, optional) – enable or disable filters panel. Defaults to True.

  • columns_panel (bool, optional) – enable or disable columns panel. Defaults to True.

  • defaultToolPanel (str, optional) – sets default tool panel either ‘columns’ or ‘filters’. Defaults to panel closed (“”)



configure_selection(selection_mode: str = 'single', use_checkbox: bool = False, pre_selected_rows: List[int] = [], rowMultiSelectWithClick: bool = False, suppressRowDeselection: bool = False, suppressRowClickSelection: bool = False, groupSelectsChildren: bool = True, groupSelectsFiltered: bool = True)[source]

Configure the grid selection behavior.

  • selection_mode – Either ‘single’, ‘multiple’ or ‘disabled’. Defaults to ‘single’.

  • use_checkbox – Enable or disable checkbox selection. Defaults to False.

  • pre_selected_rows – List of row indexes to be pre-selected. Defaults to [].

  • rowMultiSelectWithClick – If False user must hold shift to multiselect. Defaults to True if selection_mode is ‘multiple’.

  • suppressRowDeselection – Set to true to prevent rows from being deselected if you hold down Ctrl and click the row (once a row is selected, it remains selected until another row is selected in its place). By default the grid allows deselection of rows. Defaults to False.

  • suppressRowClickSelection – Supress row selection by clicking. Usefull for checkbox selection. Defaults to False.

  • groupSelectsChildren – When rows are grouped selecting a group select all children. Defaults to True.

  • groupSelectsFiltered – When a group is selected filtered rows are also selected. Defaults to True.



configure_pagination(enabled=True, paginationAutoPageSize=True, paginationPageSize=10)[source]

Configure grid’s pagination features

  • enabled – enable or disable pagination. Defaults to True.

  • paginationAutoPageSize – Automatically sets optimal pagination size based on grid Height. Defaults to True.

  • paginationPageSize – Forces page to have this number of rows per page. Defaults to 10.



configure_grid_options(**props: dict)[source]

Merges key-pair values to gridOptions dictionary.

Use this method to add any other key-pair values to gridOptions dictionary. A complete list of available options can be found in




Builds the gridOptions dictionary


Returns a dicionary containing the configured grid options

Return type